Welcome to the Marshall Elementary School Counseling Department!

Meet the Counselors

Mrs. Gerdy  (on the right) M.Ed., NCC. 

Mrs. Gerdy received her Master's from Liberty University and is in her third year at Marshall Elementary.  She spent her summer continuing her education and now holds ASCA Specialist Certificates in
~ Career Development
~Students with Special Needs
~ Closing the Achievement Gap
~ Anxiety and Stress Management
~ Bullying prevention, and
~ Cultural Competency
She has three children (a Kindergartner, 3rd grader,  and 5th grader), and in her spare time enjoys running, outdoor activities, camping, the beach, and spending time with her family. 

Mrs. Patchan received her Master's of Education from Liberty University and is in her second year at Marshall Elementary. In her free time she enjoys fishing, crabbing, exercising, and spending time at the beach with friends and family. 

Marshall School Counselors meet with students daily to help support academics, social emotional needs, and discuss options for a successful future, but we also meet students to have some fun and get to know everyone. Your child may be pulled for lunch with the school counselors for one of these "get to know you" lunches. 

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School Counselors at Marshall Elementary Believe:

  1. All students can be successful and attain high levels of learning. 
  2. All students are deserving of complete and equal access to the complete school counseling department and the services it provides to improve academic, social, and emotional well-being. 
  3. School counselors shall advocate for each student and teach our students to become strong advocates for themselves. 
  4. School counselors identify and actively provide additional support for students with at-risk characteristics. 
  5. School counselors must adhere to the ethical and professional standards of the Virginia Counselors Association and the American School Counselor Association. 
  6. School Counselors set goals based on ASCA standards and school data, providing services that are research-driven while continually monitoring the school counseling program to evaluate effectiveness. 
  7. School counselors continue to improve upon their practice through professional development opportunities. 

TMES Counseling Department Vision Statement

The Marshall Elementary School Counseling Program works to achieve collaborative relationships that ensure our students build a strong foundation for success and learn to their fullest potential. We envision a caring and supportive environment with developmentally appropriate learning opportunities which will allow students to reach their potential as scholars, develop healthy and meaningful relationships with their peers and explore post-secondary and career options. Our program envisions our scholars leaving here with the desire to be life-long learners. 

TMES Counseling Department Mission Statement

The school counseling program at Marshall Elementary strives to empower its students to have a positive influence on our community by giving them access to a comprehensive and collaborative program. Our program advocates for student success in the areas of academic, social emotional, and career, encompassing the whole person. We provide our students with a world-class education by delivering an equitable program that assesses the strengths of our educational community and allows us to advocate for the diverse needs of our student body. Through these efforts, we strive to create and maintain an environment that enables our students to become competent, responsible citizens that can achieve their own academic, social/emotional and career goals, paving the way for advanced educational and post educational opportunities.  

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